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The Blog You've All Been Waiting For.....My Daily Skin Care Routine

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and one of the most powerful. Our skin replaces itself approximately every 30 days.Great skin allows you to look youthful. The phrase “Black Don’t crack” derives from the principle of youthful looks and a well managed skin care/ facial routine. It is imperative that we take good care of our bodies, especially our skin. Spa visits can be very expensive if done regularly.

When creating Pure Fanatics I knew I wanted to have a Luxurious Spa like product without having to break the bank or compromise using a product that could eventually break my face out. Pure Fanatics bath & body products can bring the spa to you for the low without compromising your skin or your pockets. Here is how I incorporate our products in my daily care routine.


Pure Fanatics Body Scrub

Pure Fanatics Charcoal Body Bar

Pure Fanatics Body Butter

A towel

Below are  the steps I follow when doing my Facial Care regimen.  

Step 1: Wet face with warm water

Step 2: I use our Body Scrub to exfoliate my skin and get rid of dead skin cells, dirt, and to help with evening your skin tone.

Step 3: Rinse and clear all scrub from your face.

Step 4: Wash your entire face and neck with Pure Fanatics Charcoal body bar.

Step 5: Rinse & Dry thoroughly using a clean towel

Step 6: Moisturize using our Pure Fanatics body butter.

I swear by this facial routine. This is what I do daily to keep my skin looking flawless. I typically only use the scrub to exfoliate once a week. You may be able to do more but for my skin type once a week is enough. I do however wash my face and neck twice daily with the Pure Fanatics charcoal soap and follow the other steps as mentioned.

I can be a bit bias when it comes to fragrance choice because all of our products smell amazing but a customer favorite and best seller is our Lavender and Jasmine scents. I really love these Pure Fanatics products because of the many health benefits they add to my skin. Our body scrub is not only great for exfoliation but it rids the skin of dirt, dead skin cells, and helps to lighten those dark spots on our faces. I also use this scrub on my elbows, underarms & groin to keep those areas smooth & to rid those areas (underarms & groin) of dead skin from shaving/waxing. Also, the honey used in our honey vanilla scrub, acts as an antibacterial agent that is a great treatment for acne or for the prevention of acne. The benefits are amazing and I know that if you try this routine your face will thank you in more ways than one….lol

What’s your current facial regimen? If you don’t already have one, how will you incorporate Pure Fanatics into your regimen? Which products will you try out first?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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1 Comment

I love the charcoal soap and just about any of the body butters!

Great blog! 😏

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