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The Face Behind the Brand

Hi Friends!!

Welcome to the Pure Fanatics Newsletter and Blog. I thought it would be fun to introduce the face behind the brand. I’m Najah and I like long walks on the beach….lol But seriously I will give you all 12 facts about me..and I hope that you feel like you know me a little better after reading this. Also, I would love to hear from you as well. Leave a comment and leave a cool fact about yourself!!

1. Hobby: My all-time favorite hobby is reading. YES, this black woman reads and no genre is off limits. The last book I read was Becoming by Michelle Obama, our forever FLOTUS. I’m currently reading The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. I saw the movie years ago and didn’t realize it was based on a novel. (smh)

2. Favorite Food: Don’t laugh but I love chicken and cheese. It doesn’t have to be served together but almost every meal of my day consists of one or the other. And some meals I eat both.

3. Siblings?: I have a sister, Dominique Danielle. Not only is she my sister, she is also my lifestyle coach. Look her up on IG and follow @ddlifestylecoach.

4. Guilty Pleasure: Ratchet reality shows are my guilty pleasure. Or should I say tv period. I still don’t know how I watch all the shows that I do and still get work done.

5. Children?: I have 2 children. 1 boy and 1 grown man (he’s 21, can’t call him a boy no more he thinks he grown).

6. Relationship Status: It’s complicated, but aren’t all marriages….lol Just kidding, I am married and have been for the last 4 years.

7. Favorite Number: 7. Yall see what I did there...favorite # as the 7th 7 is the number of completion & most importantly both my sons were born on the 7th of their birth month.

8. Zodiac Sign: I’m a Leo, through and through. We’re the best, nothing else to be said here. LOL

9. Favorite Color: Up until a few years ago I didn’t really have a favorite color. But being the queen that I am, my fave color is purple. The color of royalty. From my hair to my brand, purple is represented well.

10. Shoe Size: I Always thought my feet were big for my height, I wear a size 9. However, every time I’m shoe shopping the stores never have my size available. So, I’m guessing a size 9 is average and if you want to buy me shoes you have to order them online. jk lol

11. Hairstyle: I have had my hair loc’d for the last 6 years and recently dyed them purple. They’re currently resting right below bra strap level and growing longer by the day. I’m looking to keep them long until they reach my waist then I’ll cut them.

12. Favorite Sleeping Position: Whether home or on vacation I MUST sleep on my side facing the door. I also MUST sleep closest to the door in any room.

Hope you enjoyed these 12 random fun facts about me. Don’t forget to comment below with a fun fact about yourself.

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